Project Overview

Easy Curves

A Unity3D Plugin for creating dynamic curves

Easy Curves is a Unity3D Plugin that enables easy crafting of beautiful curves and smooth splines seamlessly within the Unity Editor.

A Spark of Hope

A 3D car racing game

A Spark of Hope is an over-the-top 3D car racing Game created with the Unity3D game engine.
While you flee from the police in one moment, you'll likely find yourself shooting a chopper in another.

Nerd Adventure

A point-and-click adventure

Nerd Adventure: The Bastard Operator is a point and click adventure developed with flash.
In the game, you're a student. Suddenly all hell breaks loose when the Bastard Operator appears...

Fight Hero

A round-based fighting game

Fight Hero is an epic round-based fighting game developed completely with Java.
You have the choice between four mighty heroes to stage the fight of your life.

The Devil's Offense

A 3D flight game

The Devil's Offense is a 3D flight racing game developed with Truvision3D.
You have to win five crazy races in order to stop the devil's evil plan...

Right now not all projects are online. This will change soon!